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New Delaware Comp Law addresses Independent Contractors and Work Comp

The new Delaware Work Comp reform, has a strong section regarding independent contractors and workmans compensation. All independent contractors will need a comp policy for any "helpers" (ie employees) that they bring on the job site. Also if an injury occurs and there is no work comp in place the independent contractor will be fully responsible for the injury and will not be allowed to go to the general contractors work comp policy for a remedy. This is a big change from the past. If you are a independent subcontractor , we highly advise getting a work comp policy in place. Gone are the days where a subcontractor brings other "helpers" on the job and calls them subs too. K

CNC Recognized as Top Agent for Berkely Insurance Companies

Berkely Insurance Company just recognized CNC Insurance Associates as one of their top representing agents. The qualifications for this recognition is insurance sales volume, growth, and also customer service. This puts CNC Insurance in an elite group Nationally. The good news for our clients is that it gives us more ability to place business insurance with one of the Nation's strongest companies at the most competitive rates.