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The Delaware Business Insurance Update from CNC Insurance Associates Inc. "Why Every Business Owners Needs Cyber Crime Insurance" 7-20-15

The headline reads " Federal Government Office of Personel Hacked".
This is why every business owner needs a Cyber Crime insurance policy. The crimes of hacking and breaking into computers has reached the highest levels. If you run a small business do not be fooled by the false security of your malware and virus guards. Do not think that your IT consultant that comes in once a month is smarter than the hackers. Your security and fire walls are sitting ducks to these criminals.
A Cyber Liability insurance policy will not stop your from being hacked, but it will pay for the liability you may be saddled with when it happens. The insurance will provide you coverage for your damage and replacement and also the costs of liability to others because you failed to protect their data and personal information.
Small business owners call your insurance professional today, and buy the coverage for cyber crime. The risk of loss is greater than it has ever been in the history of our socie…