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Delaware Agents Groups Merge

The merger between IA&B of Delaware and the IIAD, occurred last night with a unanimous approval from both memberships. The new organization Delaware Association of Independent Insurance Agents Inc. will get up and running in May. As the chair of the IA&B of Delaware I was very excited to have the two groups come together. What does this mean for our clients at CNC ? It means that our agency will be able to tap more resources for education and products, which ultimtely is passed down as a increase in the value of services for our clients. K

De Work Comp Clarification passes Senate & House

Just wanted to give you all an update that the temporary suspension of the wcomp reform bill has been clarified with the passing of a revision. The clarification regarding independent contractors has been approved. Indpependent contractors working in a contracting capacity will be required to carry work comp on themselves. In addition the contracting entity subing the work to a independent contractor will have to carry proof of coverage for three years. I will get more details soon and psot them on the blog. Call us with questions. K