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More Delaware workers compensation decreases on the way

Image via WikipediaAccording to the latest circular released by the Delaware Compensation Rating Bureau, (DCRB), after a period of review the rates in Delaware for workers compensation have been decreased an average of 9.74% for residual market rates and 11.3% in voluntary market rates effective this past December 1st. Obviously, with the state of the economy locally, this can't hurt. Hopefully with all the stimulas money coming out of Washington some of it will trickle down to our State and put our local contractors to work, either through infrastructure improvements needed or get the banks lending again and create a possible increase in housing construction. Reblog this post [with Zemanta]">

Off the wall insurance policies

Image by onthetower via FlickrWe've heard of many different insurance policies covers the gamut from auto, home, life, etc. but I recently came across an article detailing some strange ones. The article listed coverage for a coffee taster who had his tongue insured for 10m Euro through Lloyds of London. Some other "different" insured "items" - America Ferrera, of Ugly Betty, has her smile insured for $10m; Rolling Stone's guitaristKeith Richards fingers; loss of chest hair that could adversely impact a person's image or career, which would have to be verified by a panel of trichologists. Also insured were - a wine maker's nose and a professional Santa's beard; a film company that took out coverage insuring against the possibility of an actress falling in love and getting married during the length of her contract and lastly Lloyds of London at one time provided coverage for movie audiences against the possibility of death due to excessive lau…