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Nemith to Chair Agents Association

G. Kevin Nemith, President and CEO of The Business Insurance Center, CNC Insurance Associates Inc., has been named as the Chairman of the Independent Agents and Brokers Service Group of Pa, Md, & Delaware. The association represents over 1900 independent agents and brokers in the tri-State region. The IA&B Service Group is in business to provide products and services to independent insurance agents. Also to provide advocacy and legislative initiatives for the members.

The hidden Liability Coverage

Most of our clients do not know the hidden coverages in a General Liability policy. One in particular is the coverage for "personal injury and advertising". This coverage protects policyholders for libel and slander, personal injury, copyright and trademark infringements and more. Though claims in the past in this coverage have been less frequent, the number has been increasing over the years. Mainly due to the privacy acts that were legislated in many States. Don't forget about this valuble coverage in your Liability policies. Also call us with any questions. K