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Industry getting a "black eye" from Katrina claims

Recently in the industry press, Senator Trent Lott is set on setting the insurance industry on the right path as he is fighting to get his Katrina homeowner claim paid. Apparently his sour experience is motivating him to take on fixing the insurance industry in congress. Many of his peers are pushing for Federal regulation of the insurance industry in lieu of State regulation. If Federal regualtion is passed then the Nation will surely see a change in the industry. No whether or not the change is better or worse will remain to be seen. In the meantime if I was the in charge of the insurance company who is handling the claim for Sen. lott, I certainly would settle it quick! K

Kevin Nemith named IAB Vice President

G. Kevin Nemith was named Insurance Agents & Brokers Vice President for the 06-07 fiscal year. Nemith is also Chairman of the IAB group Delaware. IAB association represents over 1600 member agencies in De, Md, and Pa. Nemith also heads up the Joint Coalition of Delaware Agents Legislative intiatives in Delaware.

Del. Work Comp Reform, Can it Be?

A "little bird" told me that the Governor's taks force assigned to look into a legislative measure to control Delawares wcomp rates, will be putting forward a bill for reform before the end of November. We certainly need it, since most small businesses have a hard time paying the premiums for work comp. Also Pa. & Md have rates significantly lower which does not help when competitiors come into the State and steal Delaware business. Let's keep our fingers crossed for small business sake. K

Marketing goes to boot camp

Nancy Robbins, our marketing maverick , is set to attend the 4th annual marketing boot camp in Chicago this week. The schedule of events include 4 days of grueling marketing education to help give CNC Ins. a competitive "leg up" in the marketplace. Good luck Nancy! K

Cartoon Books for our Underwriters

The whole staff here at CNC Ins. want to thank all our underwriters for thier hard work and professionalism. You continue to help us grow and be successful. THANK YOU! We hope you like the cartoon books. We all need to laugh everyday, especially in this business. Kevin

Circle of Safety Booklets Mailed to Clients

You should be receiving your complimentary Circle of Safety booklets. This guide is to help clients understand the building blocks of using business insurance to better protect assets and livelihoods. At CNC the whole staff's major concern is protecting you , our clients. I hope you find some useful information in the booklets. We look forward to helping you with your business insurance needs. Thank you for your business Kevin

Hurricane Season , good for all of us

Well, thank goodness the predications for a northeast hurricane did not come true. I do not beleive anyone can be ready enough for a cat 3 or 4 hurricane on the Delmarva penninsula. The insurance industry press is predicting that rates will slide downward in response to the mild season. This is good news for our clients. We will see how things shake out going into the fall and winter. K

CNC awarded Trademark for "Audit Busters"

The US trademark office awarded a trademark for CNC Insurance's "Audit Busters" program. Since the program is unique in the country it warranted an approval from the US patent and trademark office. Our "Audit Busters" program is specifically created to help our clients minmize the pain of large additional premium audits. If you haven't participated in the program yet, make sure you do this year. Call us of you have questions.

CNC closes out 27th year in business

With the close of our fiscal year (Sept 30th) we have finished our 27th year in business. Thanks to all our clients and company vendors. We could not do it without you.

Remember No Coverage can be bound by a blog

Just a friendly reminder from CNC Ins. we want your comments and thoughts but we cannot bind coverage or place in affect a policy of insurance through our web blog.

Welcome From Kevin President

I have been asked to have a blog on our website so clients can have another channel to communicate with us. We pride ourselves to make sure live people answer the phone. And not only that, everyone who answers the phone can help you. We are however in a communication age and web blogs are a way for clients and prospective clients to let us know how we are doing. So I welcome your comments and look forward to consistently giving you our clients better and better attention to your business insurance needs.