Sunday, April 01, 2018

Delaware Business Insurance Update from CNC Insurance Associates, The Chinese Space Station is Crashing to Earth, Are You Covered? 4-1-18

No this is not an April’s fools joke. The Chinese Space Station Tiangong -1 is expected to crash to earth tonight or early tomorrow. The whole USA is at risk. However experts simply do not know where it is going to come down. The odds makers say there is a trillion to 1 chance your business will be hit. So the question is, is it covered?  Most property insurance contracts will cover this. If you have special form perils coverage , there is no direct written exclusion. If there is no exlcusion then the insurance company would have to cover it.  The claim report would be interesting and I would guarantee your business would be all over the news. So you can go to sleep tonight with the odds in your favor that the space station will not hit your business and if it does your insurance company will cover you. Until next time be careful out there and know your risks.

G. Kevin Nemith- CNC Insurance Assoc. / The Hilb Group
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